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Triumph GT6 Database

      Welcome to the
Spit6/CGT6/Hybrid Project Registry.

       This registry is an attempt to assemble and maintain a log of all the Triumph hybrid projects that people have assembled over the years. We would like to track the donor vehicle models, ownership, and state of the project. Any configuration information you care to share would be appreciated. A comments section will let you add a 'BRIEF' statement to define your project. 

   Just what is a Spit6  or a CGT6? Well an initial definition has been included.

      All information contained here has been submitted by second sources (you the owners) . There is no way for me to certify accuracy as to who/what/where/when.... This is strictly and archive of the vehicles locations as can be best determined.

     If you have made a submission and you don't see the info in the Registry, please be check it again carefully. If you still don't see it, please consider re-submitting your information. The process of converting the old database to this newer on-line version, may have lost a few previously incomplete entries. If all else fails you can send an email to the . Please use the subject line CGT6 Registry question

     Be sure when entering a listing, that you supply all information requested. The scripts here, should let you know if data entry needs adjustment.
     Incomplete registrations can not be accepted by the script or added to the list.  
    At a minimum we need a vehicle ID#
(for sorting and displaying), the 'format' or 'platform' of your hybrid, year, model, etc,  it's running status and country of origin. We need an email to verify the entry. Your passwords are not monitored or maintained here. If you forget your password you'll need to write me so I can reset it for you to update any info in the future.

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  Hybrid and GT6 Registries and their maintenance
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