All these tanks are for sale and or
can be built to order to fit your living
space with a variety of features.

The Twin Tank System is actually made from two slightly modified '30 gallon long' aquariums. One glass end panel is relocated to what is actually the top of the tank, filling in part of the opening. When the tank is turned up on end, this lid forms the final wall for a miniature aquarium at the bottom of the tank. What about the 'new' top of the tank that doesn't have an end plate (top plate) anymore. A simple wood framed screen 'shoe box lid' made of .25"x1" oak slats is siliconed in place. The light box on top, spans both tanks, and sits over the edges like a shoe box lid as well. The light box has two incandescent 100W Daylight Full Spectrum UV Heat Lamps in insulated metal reflectors. There are also two 18" Full Spectrum High UV output Reptile Fluorescent lights are well. Three separate timers sequence the lights to gradually turn all the lights on or off. The Front top third of the tank is sealed with a hinged screen door. The middle of the tank has two sliding glass doors to facilitate easy access for feeding and etc.

The tanks are planted with Miniature Bamboo or more commonly called Desktop Palm. The substrate is 1-2 inches of 0.2"-0.5" diameter pebble gravel, covered by 8-10 inches of loosely compressed potting soil.
The ground covering in the tank is a 0.75" to 1.25" thick layer of the typical moss you find dried at most pet stores. BUT, with a major twist! This stuff is alive! The yard where I just moved had a picture perfect patch of moss about 4 foot square, which I promptly transplanted
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One final close can see my two males one at the top of each tank
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This tank was their home before it recently went through a major redesign/reconstruction. They just may be moving back home shortly.  This  tank is a standard 70 gallon aquarium with an additional 24 inches of glass added above it. The slot in the middle is a set of two sliding glass doors for access. The top opens, and by removing one edge of the frame the entire top front piece of glass can slide out for repair or access as needed. The tree in the middle is 12" in diameter. The rocks in front of it are a staircased cascading waterfall. The bottom left will be planted with water plants and have fish swimming around. It has a fully automated misting system,  three stage lighting on timers   and a custom automatic cricket dispenser.  more info to come
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