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    This links page was assembled semi-automatically by a
    VB4 program called FAV2HTML.EXE written by Teglerizer, copyright 1997-2001).
    The format is lacking a little, but it's quick and easy to update the links


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100hot Tech websites
Fractal Movie Archive
Here's CoolFusion (Windows)
I-CODE Event Page
Internet Explorer - Add-ons
Introducing Netscape Live3D
JcS Canada EMULive Broadcasting
Netscape Plug-ins
SBN Membership
SubmitAll- Add your URL to popular sites
The FTP Explorer Homepage
The Internet Link Exchange Profile
The Ultimate White Pages
WebCrawler Searching
Webmaster Tool Chest- SubmitAll
Webmaster Tool Chest
Welcome to GNNpress
Welcome to Guestimate
Welcome to ISN
Welcome to RealAudio !
Windows 3.1-95-NT Lightning Strike Plug-In
AddURL - Start Page for Paul Tegler
Hit List Standard 3.0 - Free Version for Wind.
Internet Client SDK Matrix
Adgrafix Virtual Server System - Web Site Man.
FP97 Home Page
FrontPage 98 Home Page
Intercom - Web Hosting Accounts
Paramount Banner Network
Mustang Software's Wildcat! Interactive Net Server - Overview
The Meta-HTML Reference Manual
Rich Banners Internet Banner Advertisers List
SpringWeb Web Site Hosting & Design Services
The Meta-HTML Reference Manual
Microsoft_ Visual Basic_ Scripting Edition Do...
Internet Studio
Welcome to RealMedia !
Self Serve Web Space Hurricane Electric
htmlgoodies.com - Home
Bell AtlanticShared Hosting
Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions Shopping Cart Script
Tetranet Software Inc. Linkbot Metabot
WebJump - FREE Web Hosting!
Helpful Links from RS&T
Plebius Industries Centerpoint
Promotion World Mass Submision Programs
Merchant Planet Electronic Commerce Network
Virtual Max Home Page
Network Solutions -
Internet Traffic Report
Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition Do...
-csp.html ad an auto trader BBs to your site
Just Web It!
freeware downloads ANTI-HACKER TOOLS --- Web Attack
download shareware Internet tools --- Web Attack
Anfy Team Home Page
Fluid Dynamics AXS Script Set, Version 2.02
i-us Your graphics community, emphasizing Adobe Photoshop plug-in compatible products
Dynamic Drive- Roaming Cursor
GUIStuff.com - Free Graphical User Interfaces
SlaughterHouse - Utility Downloads
SlaughterHouse - Shell Enhancements, Page 14

server side includestop of page

BigNoseBird.Com's Server Side Include Page ( SSI)
Dynamic Drive- Highlight Table Cells Script
Internet Traffic Report
javascript Links

domain setuptop of page

InterNIC Registration Tool
Network Solutions -

ActiveXtop of page

ActivX Ctrl Pad
Microsoft ActiveX Development Kit
ActiveX - ToolBox
DevXThe leading online information service for Visual Basic, Java, C++, Enterprise, and Internet developers

Editorstop of page

BookWorm - another cool Sausage Software product
Donut Home Page.url (VB forms)
HomeSite for Windows 95 - Download
HomeSite v2.0 Beta 1
HotDog 32-Bit
Mag's Big List of HTML Editors
Microsoft FrontPage Version 1.1 Beta 2 Download page
Pictorius Net Development Tools
FP97 Home Page
FrontPage 98 Home Page

Java toolstop of page

d2 CGI guest book code +
Gamelan Earthweb's Java Directory
Java Development Tools
Java- Programming for the Internet
24 Hour JavaScript.com - Welcome-Login
Gamelan - The Official Java Directory
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
icom - Agentur für Kommunikation und Neue Medien
Virtual Max Home Page
The Joust Outliner
Dynamic Drive DHTML(dynamic html) code library!
JavaScript and DHTML for free. Download new samples. Submit your JavaScript and DHTML scripts for free.
1st JAVATab&Tree
Dynamic Drive- What's Hot
Freewarejava.com, the place to find free Java applets, tutorials, references, Java books, and more!
Cut & Paste Always-visible combo box
Cerebus Webmaster Resources - Free Scripts
Cerebus Webmaster Resources - Meta Tag Generator
Website Abstraction Free JavaScripts!
javascript Links
Doc JavaScript - JavaScript Tutorials, JavaScript Tips, and JavaScript Tools
J's World-Tons of FREE JavaScript-MIDI

Microsofttop of page

IE3 add-ons Download page
Internet Explorer - Add-ons
Internet Studio
Link Central.URL
Microsoft Internet Resource Center
Microsoft SBN Membership
Microsoft Site Builder Network
Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
microsoft. FTP site dir descriptions
Microsoft_ Visual Basic_ Scripting Edition Do...
Web Publishing Wizard
Hit List Standard 3.0 - Free Version for Wind.
Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 with ActiveX Control.
Internet Client SDK
Site Builder Workshop - Home

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webcamtop of page

Snappy 2.0 Upgrade Online Purchase Form

actx_cgi scriptingtop of page

GIFs on the FLY
FreeCode, Free Programming Source Code
CGI-Scripts Page Other Scripts by Citro

cgi-scriptstop of page

Free CGI Scripts
The CGI Resource Index
CGI Free
An interactive CGI scripts
ListMill - A new generation of Free Internet services
The CGI Resource Index Programs and Scripts Perl Logging Accesses and Statistics
The CGI Resource Index Programs and Scripts Perl Link Indexing Scripts
The CGI Resource Index Programs and Scripts Perl
All Unix CGI Perl 5 Scripts available at dtp-aus.com .. free scripts
the versatile free VIZBOOK unix Perl CGI Visitors (guest) Book page
Lars Ellingsen's Guestbook system Guestserver
Smart CGIs .com - quality free and cheap interactive cgi scripts for your site
FLATTEXT Database Scripts
Digit Mania - Contents
Password Script CGI WAccess (Version 1.1)

GRAPHICStop of page

Fractal Movie Archive
Adgrafix Virtual Server System - Web Site Man.
The WDVL VL-WWW Images_and_Icons
Lunamoon graphics
2Cool Animations Gifs
MediaBuilder's Free Animated Gif Library Web Buttons, Wings, Wings Copper8
SWiSH - Create Flash without Flash

Perltop of page

Gossamer Threads - Web Design and Internet Consulting
ActiveState Tool Corp. - Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition
FTLS.org Free CGI Scripts Archive

spamtop of page

Mega-Zine - Let's stop those email spiders

newtop of page

Webmaster HTML code help and repair - NetMechanic web tools fix broken html tags and links.
LinkScan-QuickCheck is a Free Online Link Checking and HTML Validation Service.
Remote Control
Cut & Paste Wavy Lake
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Popup Window Generator
3D digital artist Eni Oken
Photo Album II Sample 2
Freewarejava.com- What's New
Website Abstraction Help Forum
iBoost Build Channel
Free Web tools

hosting servicestop of page

Pow Web Hosting
www.NoMonthlyFees.com - Web Hosting - $200 = 200 Megs With No Monthly Fees!

site supporttop of page

WebPosition Gold -- Download FREE Trial
Bravenet.com Webmaster Resources Website Tools Free Guestbooks Forums Hit Counters Greeting Cards
Internet browser check opera, netscape and explorer.

a email liststop of page

All Unix CGI Perl 5 Scripts available at dtp-aus.com .. free scripts
the E-LISTS unix Perl CGI Contacts script page
the ListMerge unix Perl CGI E-Mail Mailer script page
Tiasoft. Network security software. Download area.

Dhtmltop of page

The Dynamic Duo - Cross-Browser DHTML
DevGuru Home Page
DHTML Lab Dynamic HTML Tutorials, DHTML Scripts, Programming, Tools, Code, and Examples - dhtmlab.com

boardstop of page

CDboard bulletin board


FP HTACCESS infotop of page

Intermedia Communications .htaccess
Controlling Web Page Access
FrontPage 98 Guidelines for IU's Central Web Servers
Security Considerations
MetaPros .. Web Site Solutions ..

shockwavetop of page

Tips n' Scripts- ShockTips
Shockwave - The HTML Writers Guild

Authoring/Publishing Toolstop of page

Ant Description - ANT_HTML Conversion Utilities
Borland Online
Brooklyn North Software
Claris Corporation
CyberRamp-Development of your site
Design Intelligence
GoLive Systems
Group 32 Corporation
HAHT Software
Hot Dog Professional
HTML PowerTools - Descriptions
HTMLed Pro
Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
Intelligent Environments Amazon Legacy to Web
IONA Technologies-Orbix 2.0
Junglee-Web Based Querying tool
MAEstro Software
NetDynamics: The Hottest Web Database Tool
Net-It Software
Net-It Software Corporation
Netiva Software
Passport Corporation - Hot News
PMP Computer Solutions - Support Area for
Microsoft FrontPage

radnet - Webshare
SkiSoft World Wide Web Home Page
SoftQuad: Products: HoTMetaL PRO


Push Technology top of page

Amulet Inc. - Creator of InfoWizard
Astound Incorporated
Backweb Inc
Desktop Data Home Page
Digital Bindery
Global Village Communication
Lanacom Inc.
Lotus Development Corporation
Mercury Mail
METZ Home Page
Novell World Wide: Corporate Home Page
OSA: Open Software Associates Home Page
Reuters: The Business of Information
Stardust IP Multicast Initiative
TIBCO Home Page
Tympani Development
Vertigo Development
Vitria Technology

Registration/Promotiontop of page

Acclaim Web Services
Central Registry
Promo Master Gold
The Web Hit Man
Web Promotion Pointers

Audiotop of page

BackWeb Site
Dimension X
DSP Group
Liquid Audio
OnLive! Technologies
Optivision JPEG/MPEG
Precept Software
VDOnet Corp.
Vosaic Corp. Home Page
VXtreme: Real-Time Web Video


(unsorted)  CGI/Java/ActiveX/VBScript
(some of these are probably repeated)top of page

gamelan earthweb's java directory
homesite v2.0 beta 1
homesite for windows 95 - download
hotdog 32-bit
mag's big list of html editors
microsoft activex development kit
microsoft® visual basic® scripting
edition do...

microsoft frontpage version 1.1 beta 2
download page

bookworm - another cool sausage
software product

d2 cgi guest book code +
donut home page.url (vb forms)
fractal movie archive
java development tools
java- programming for the internet
microsoft activex development kit microsoft internet resource center
microsoft site builder network
microsoft vrml add-in cool sites microsoft_ visual basic_ scripting edition do...
microsoft sdk for java
microsoft_ visual basic_ scripting edition do...
ms site bldr download free software
submitall- add your url to popular sites
the javascript planet
webmaster tool chest- submitall
webmaster tool chest
welcome to gnnpress
welcome to guestimate
ACTIVEX.COM -- Find Controls on the Internet
Alan's VBScript Examples
Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Comprehensive VBScript Resources
Cookie Central
Development Tools News
FarPoint Technologies
ade.org: The Java(tm) Developers

Java Intelligent Agent Library
Java Programming Resources: Java
Java Tool Vendors Support MS

JavaScript documentation
JavaSoft Home Page
JDesignerPro by ProPoint
NetExpert Inc. Home Page
Novera Homepage
Object World Info
OEW for Java
Open Horizon
Open Text
Outrider ActiveX Software
Passport Corporation
RandomNoise Home Page
Roaster Technologies
Silicon Surf
SilverStream Software Inc.
TeamJava Master Registry - Companies
TechWeb -- ActiveXpress
The CGI Resource Index
The InfoDial Inc. VBScript Page.
Tom Christiansen's Mox.Perl.COM Home Page
U&I Interactive: Java toolkits for making avatar-based interactive worlds where you can chat
VBScript Web Page


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