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Lil' Greenee - 1973 RWA MG Midget

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Lil' Greenee's repair/rebuild history
and re-habilitation
... while in my custody.

This is a running list of the items on Lil' Greenee' that have been overhauled, cleaned, repaired or replaced  to re-hab her since 10/29/99.

< New > = brand new or new-old-stock (NOS) 

A few of the items have links to descriptions of little tricks I found in ways to perform some of these tasks. Some are links to sites with info on that task or hardware.  
Front Suspension
Inner and outer wheel bearings and seals   < New >
Brake Rotors and pads < New > 
Polyurethane swaybar bushing set with new metal mount straps < New >
Swaybar locator set < New >
Full Polyurethane Bushing Set, A-arm lower inner and upper outer,  both sides  < New >
outer tie-rod ends < New >
steering rack rubber gaiter boots with metal clamps x2< New >
upper shock bump stop rubbers x2 < New >
Brake calipers stripped cleaned and painted gold (500°C engine paint)
Entire structural suspension stripped out, cleaned, de-rusted, and repainted


 Rear Suspension

Full Polyurethane Bushing Set (spring pads, eyelets, and shackle pairs)< New >
Rear brake drums de-rusted and repainted
Both leaf springs replaced < New >
Break shoes < New >
Cleaned and re-greased park brake cable and rear pivot assembly.
Brake drum inspection plugs < New >


Wire wheeled all metal rust, minor fiberglass repairs, primered and repainted entire interior **
** Repeat of above in the trunk and in the engine compartment.
Stripped and cleaned all of the gauges (yes...even the press/temp gauge.)
Repaired inoperative odometer (replaced push bar, clip, and installed new puller spring)
Striped and cleaned all the switch contacts on the steering column
Stripped out, cleaned and re-installed all carpeting and upholstery
Repaired all vinyl panels (filled in holes) and prep'ed new screw mount holes properly
Stripped, cleaned the belts, and rebuilt the seat belt winder mechanisims
Custom in-harness alarm wire routing
Added speaker wires to rear wiring harness and re-wrapped
Repaired P.O. wiring harness abuse under the dash and rewrapped
Interior Courtesy Light < New >
Added two additional footwell lights  < New >
Window crank handles x 2< New >
Window crank handle escutcheon plates x 2 < New >
Striped, cleaned, painted, rebuilt and polished inner door latch handles and backplates x 2
Door pull handles x 2 < New >
Door check straps x2 < New >
Furflex main door seals x 2 < New >
MG Logo Rubber floor mats x 2  < New >
Steering Column center shaft upper bushing assembly rebuilt
Chrome like polish job of the spokes of the steering wheel.
OEM style ignition key switch and column lock < New >(NOS)
New passenger seat foams, base and back < New >
Seat bottom webbing, both seats < New >
Seat bottom webbing canvas material both seats < New >
Completed passenger seat upholstery
Passenger seat recliner handle < New > (NOS)
Heater fan control switch < New >(NOS)
Dash switch lamp holder/mount clips x 2< New >

 Engine Compartment

Professionally rebuilt AUD136 HS2 carburators
Professionally rebuilt (by Ted Schumacher) ribcase transmission
Borg and Beck ( a real one!) Clutch,  pressure plate, throwout bearing < New >
Clutch slave cylinder < New >
Heat shield sanded and painted
Intake manifold polished
Exhaust manifold sanded and painted
Captive washer manifold nuts < New >
Pertronix Electronic Ignition Module < New >
Lucas Gold Sports Coil - 40,000 volt < New >
Stainless steel exhaust front pipe < New >
Monza twin tip resonator and muffler (one piece)  < New >
Fuse Block stripped and rebuilt
Engine Bay surface cleanup and re-paint
Evap. Canister to Float bowl vent hoses < New >
Evap. Canister to Gas Tank vent hose < New >
Front Bonnet Buffer (bumpers) x2 < New >
Wiring Harness cleaned up and re-wrapped
Front motor mounts replaced < New >
Rear transmission mounts replaced < New >
Valve clearances adjusted  (floated wear)
Polished Aluminum Valve Cover < New >
O.E.M. style PCV valve properly installed < New >
Cylinder head ports and valves cleaned and de-carbonized
Cylinder head combustion chambers and piston tops decarbonized
Bonnet release cable  (T handle..it's easier to pull)   < New >
head studs < New >
High performance copper head gasket < New >
All radiator hoses replaced < New >
Polished carbs after rebuild

Body and exterior

Vent Window Seals both doors < New >
Vent window assemblies to door top seals < New >
Door window outer waist seals, both doors < New >
Door window inner fuzzy seals, both doors< New >
Door window channel felt liners x 4 < New >
Main windshield to windshield frame seal < New >
Windshield frame to body seal < New >
Windshield frame posts to body seals x2< New >
Newer (good chrome condition) front bumper< New >
Newer (good chrome condition) rear bumpers ands all mount hardware< New >
Rear bumper mount hardware stripped, sanded and repainted
Front bumper mount hardware stripped sanded and repainted.
Headlight fixture to body gaskets, both lamps x2< New >
Back Up Lamp lenses seals x2 < New >
Back Up Lamp fixture to body gaskets x2< New >
Side Marker light assemblies x 4 lights < New >
Tail Light Assemblies (whole chrome base) x2< New >
Tail Light Lens Seals x2 < New >
Tail Light fixture to body gaskets < New >  
Windshield wiper arm gearbox bezels and mount seals x3 < New >
touch up pain (small dings here and there ...)
Front Wheel Arch cleanup, undercoating and re-painted
Rear Wheel Arch cleanup, undercoating and re-painted


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