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Nintendo Power Glove and PowerGlove Serial Interface

The Nintendo Power Glove was originally developed as a gaming interface. The SigArch developed the Power Glove Serial Interface for the PC and MAC. It was was produced by the Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign campus. This allows you to use a PowerGlove in VR applications on a personal computer much like you'd use a mouse. You can even play DOOM with it on a PC. Windows 'AIR PIANO' is even possible.
The PGSI interface itself is quite a nice little unit. An internal embedded processor converts the data from the glove into standard serial comm port protocols for accessing the glove data.
(sorry...lost the picture that woulda' been here.) I never got my hands on a pair of these Sega Shutter Goggles to play with but the unit accepts a pair under control of the internal processor giving true VR 3D vision capabilities to your gaming.

The glove is in perfect condition. It was still in the unopened box when I purchased it at a flee market. (obviously the lady didn't know what she had.) The ACM was last selling the PGSI for $115. with an aditional charge for the extender cables and power supply module.

Software and documentation included with what I am selling:

  1. Working source code for REND386, along with a custom built
      parallel port interface and power supply
(?? lost in the piles of past projects)
  2. Sample coding to write your own interface
  3. Maestro, a working 'AIR PIANO' program for Windows
  4. DoomGlov, a working interface to allow you to play DOOM with it
  5. The Glove itself
  6. The PGSI and AC adapter power supply
  7. The computer monitor mounted ultrasonic receiver for the glove for true
      position tracking of your hand in 3D space
  8. Assorted VR articles for building other 3D VR apparatus
For a small additional fee I'll throw in a few books on a variety of home brew VR systems you can build.

I'll sell the working glove, PGSI, cables, adapters, and assorted software for $230. (+   S/H $$)

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