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         Installing a 3 Rail J type
              O/D transmission in a GT6

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rats_singlerail_jtype.jpg (53812 bytes)
This is a 1980 Spitfire with a single rail J type O/D tranny installed.
This is a shot of RAT, my 1980 Spit from this site. This is just here for
comparion with the next photo.

br_dtype1.jpg (53494 bytes)
This is Big Red's 3 rail D-type O/D. It's here just for size comparison of the
D type vs the J type. Compare it's size via the position of the shifter pivot vs
the rear drive flange, as well as where the speedo drive is vs. the floor
crossmember in front of the passenger seat.  The rear rubber O/D mount, bolted
to the O/D housing does properly bolt onto the original mount plate on the frame
for this setup.

newposition4.jpg (44564 bytes)
New J type O/D extension position        vs the orig non-o/d tail cone.

Note the position of the drive flange in relation to the shift lever pivot and the
floor rail in front of the passenger seat. (NOTE: tunnel has been cut back
to clear O/D installation in that photo)


newposition1.jpg (35998 bytes)
The rear mount of the j type o/d is WAY back from the mount
position of the original mount plate bolt holes

newposition3.jpg (17205 bytes)
A custom new mount was made from angle steel allowing the
tailcone to be properly set hieght wise between the frame rails.

newposition2.jpg (32255 bytes)
The adapter hadn't been drilled yet for the rubber mount but
you can see how it positioned it.


....Anybody  have photos of a single rail D-type?   :-)    yeah right!

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