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Technical Archive Links

  as usual...this page is a work in process

    With so many excellent documents out there authored by those who have gone before us, I'll not duplicate the info on this site. The links below will open in a new window to facilitate your tracking back to this list. Any 'one-of-a-kind' documents (meaning written by me!) will be duly noted.

Engine related
Installing the Crane XR-700 Electronic ignition module
by Rick Gregory
  Using a Bosch Alternator at 55 amps to replace your old 34 amp Lucas unit   by Rick Gregory
  Engine Oils - more than you ever wanted to know
by Tom Coradeschi - original Author - Ed. Hackett
  Using a GM Alternator - detailed conversion and diagnostic information by Dan Masters -  from VTR Archives. And a GM Alternator conversion on an MGB by Paul Tegler
  Setting you Ignition timing  by Victor B. Michael
  A word on engine interchangeability by John Kipping
  D-I-Y cylinder head porting by Standard Abrasives Motorsports Division


Adjusting your Carburators - from the VTR Archives.
Better yet is The Hitachi-SU Tech Pages
Also How to Tune SU Carbutetors from 'The MGB Experieince'  And don't forget 'Tuning vs. setting SU carbs
  Detailed information on the Lucas Petrol Injection system
by Egil Kvaleberg
  tuning Twin DCOEs on a Spitfire
  Jetting information for DCOE's on a Triumph Spitfire
by Paul Tegler
  Zenith Stromberg Basics - tuning and information
  Skinner Union (SU ) Basics - tuning and information
  DCOE Basics - tuning and information


The Vintage Triumph Registries own Maintenance Handbook
  The Triumph Information Exchange Searchable Archives
  How to read your Spark Plugs - color photos
  The Spitfire E-mail List Serv Searchable Archives
  The Triumphs E-mail List Serv Searchable Archives
  British Leyland Technical Service Bulletins
  General Model specifications - The Triumph Spitfire club
  British Leyland Technical Service Bulletins
body work Rust proofing tips and tricks
  Paint and trim code identifications and Photos of the colors
  More than you want to know about body work
  Build your own 'body rotator' to work on your body


Installing driving and fog lights the safe and legal way
by Dan Masters
Build your own panels...
here are the drawings
Engine side Valence panels by Andrew Miller
Trunk/gas tank panel  by Vic Whitmore
Radiator wind deflectors by Victor Michael
Spare wheel storage panel by  Victor Michael
passenger glove box template