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Triumph Color codes
with Photos   The one and only, original Photo color Pages

                           ( as always.... this is still a work in process.......... )

      Many of the photos here have been edited. Most are cropped, a few are gamma corrected ,while others have been brightened or contrast enhanced.
      The 'intent' of this page is to show the comparison of the colors named. I can not even hope to accurately represent each as the 'correct' visual representation of the colors, as each computer monitor will look different based on your settings while viewing this page.

     Plans were to turn this into a
complete Historical photo reference for vehicle color.
    In the near future, I am going to convert these pages into a database format that will show multiple examples of each of the colors. This would vastly improve loading time of all the color images available.

Take a peek at an original
(scanned) Colors and Trim
Brochure from 1975 for the
Spitfire and TR6

flyer from 1975
(caution- large images)

    If you feel you have a great color 'show off ' picture of your cars color, SEND IT TO ME for consideration of use here on this page.

  Although Triumph never specifically identified paint codes from manufactures, MG and Jaguar did. You can look at the MG Color Page to find the nearest 'equivalent' that existed in England at that time.

Paint Codes

Interior Trim codes

     You should be able to distinguish between brown and green below, as well as teal and dark gray.  If not, adjust your monitors brightness and contrast to see all 16 of these standard Windows®  palette colors.  
   With a nominal monitor gamma of 2.2, you should be able to make out the difference between all of the computer generated grayscale blocks below. To make the most of this page, you should be able to see the difference (at least) between X,Y (and Z) and ideally C and B (and A)

grayscalband.gif (2535 bytes)

and a full spectral image just for another monitor reference
spectral_block1.jpg (16518 bytes)

    If you have a great shot, showing off the color of your little gem, send it in. We may just agree, and you'll see it here as the standard reference.

colors are listed one above the other in the following order.
A '-' means none exists for that mfr.

Color name
common name
late model id code
years used
paint mfg'ers

*Ault & Wiborg/
*PPG/ Ditzler (US)
*Dupont (US)
     Rinshed Mason

no prefix
mean vinyl

Trim color

     Some of the photos have been color edited to try and bring the color as viewed as close to the true visual color named. They may not be perfect, but remember this is to show the difference in each of the colors in comparison to one another. No computer screen could truly represent so many different cameras eyes.

A blue border around an image
signifies  a web page link and the
owners names are email links.

Black color (base color #1)
11 - Black
BK.1, BLVC  , 90, PMA*
KE 47
PPG 9000

car owned by Joe Curry

Red color  (base color #2)
12 -   Matador
(was an interior color only, not a factory body color)
car owned by sargonii@cwnet.com
22 - Cherry Red
PPG 71452

I need a pic
submit it here


32 - Signal Red PPG 70966
ICI 2829

signal_red_spit.jpg (40642 bytes)
car owned by Joe Curry

42 - Burgundy I've been told this was only ever an interior color, but it IS listed in the looseleaf Triumph GT6 repair manal as a body color!


buredundy_gt6.jpg (8763 bytes)
previously owned by Keith Bay
72 - Pimento
PPG 71996
ICI 2859
s_pimento1.jpg (5270 bytes)
previously owned by Paul Tegler
82 - Carmine
PPG 72065

car owned by Steve Glusman
92 - Magenta PPG 50921 magenta_stag.jpg (6166 bytes)
car owned by Larry Miceli
118 - Vermillion
PPG 60932 s_vermillion2.jpg (6857 bytes)
previously owned by Paul Tegler
133 - Flaminco
PPG 72144 flamenco_red_spit.jpg (25164 bytes)
car owned by John Hobson
Brown/Beige color (base color #3)
13 - Tan (was an interior color only, not a factory body color)
23- Sienna


PPG 23406
ICI 5934
(photo dated: 4/1981)
Car owned by Paul Tegler 
63 - Chesnut ? I need a pic
submit it here
83 - Maple


PPG 24075
car owned by Glenn Bowley
93 - Russet
(AAE) Russet
PPG 24378 russetbrownspit.jpg (7205 bytes)
car owned by John Janowiak
Yellow color (base color #4)
14 - Jonquil PPG 81454
ICI 3798
I car owned by Mark Bradford
34 - Jasmine PPG 81686
ICI 5520
54 Safron PPG 81913
ICI 8194
s_saffronspit.jpg (5949 bytes)
64 - Mimosa PPG 82126 MimosaYellow spit.jpg (7415 bytes)
74 - Biege (was an interior color only, not a factory body color) I need a pic
submit it here
84 - Topaz
PPG 60812 s_topazspit.jpg (5884 bytes)
94 - Inca
PPG 82309 s_inca_yellowspit.jpg
car owned by Steve Culliford
Primrose Yellow PPG 81168 primrose_gt6_rear.jpg (6203 bytes)
car owned by David Fain
Green color (base color #5)
15 - Cactus PPG 43312
car owned by Bruce Harding
25 - Conifer PPG 43232
ICI 3736

car owned by  Nassos Sarris
35 - Olive PPG 43311 olivegreenspit.jpg (7794 bytes)
45 - Lichfield PPG 42464 I
car owned by Dick Esling
55 - Laurel PPG 44264
ICI 7681
Laruelgreen_tr6.jpg (7630 bytes)
65 - Emerald
PPG 44665 emeraldgreenspit.jpg (6125 bytes)
car owned by Max Speegle
75 - British Racing Green (HAA)

Paul says he painted it PPG FM76954
catalogs say PPG 45102

s_darkbrg1.jpg (5097 bytes)
Car owned by Paul Geithner
85 / 205 - Java
PPG 45060 s_java2.jpg (5907 bytes)
car owned by Eric Kieboom
169 - Brooklands Green (HAE) PPG 45190 brooklandgreen.jpg (7382 bytes)
car owned by Emiel Rorije
'Apple Records' Green
(never a factory body color)

not a standard
Triumph color, but as fan also, I had to add it here

Let's see an SUV say they didn't see you! beatleapplegreen.jpg (7321 bytes)
Car owned by Betty and Bob Brown
Blue color (base color #6)
26 - Wedgewood
PPG 12873
ICI 5814

car owned by Candida Saunders
36 - Dark Blue PPG 14871
car owned by Brooks Bullock
56 - Royal PPG 13126
ICI 4665
royalbluegt6.jpg (7386 bytes)
car owned by Benoît Colin
66- Valencia PPG 13547
ICI 6898
s_valenciabluespitfire.jpg (4396 bytes)
96 - Sapphire PPG 14416
car owned by Per Andersson
106 - Mallard PPG 44666
car owned by Chris Keisler
126 - French Blue
PPG 14658

Dupont 43021*

- - Powder Blue PPG 12163
ICI 8013
powderblue_62spit.jpg (6882 bytes)
(136 - Delft)
car owned by David Bradshaw
146 - Tahiti Blue
PPG 14866
car owned by Alan Gouley Alan Gourley
224 - Pagent
PPG 14866 pagent_blueGT6.jpg (8940 bytes)
car owned by Paul Barret
140 - Astral Blue Metallic


Astral blue metallic
car owned by Nathalie Caye
Purple color (base color #7)
17 Damson
Keith says it
PPG 50816
ICI 4540
(code 211=
PPG 51055)
gt6_damsonred.jpg (5994 bytes)
car owned by Keith Bay
Grey color ((base color #8)
18 - Gunmetal PPG 12924
photo submitted by Nassos Sarris
38 - Phantom ICI 3234 I need a pic
submit it here
48 - Dolphin PPG 32582
photo submitted by Tim Timmer
68 - Slate PPG 32819
car owned by Larry Sutherland
Pearl Gray PPG  32220
ICI 2931
I need a pic
submit it here
White color (base color #9)
19 - White
(NAB) White
PPG 8380
ICI 3738
with a Bicuit Interior

original trim code was code 74
Biege Houndstooth
s_19white.jpg (6125 bytes)
car owned by Paul Tegler
29 - Sebring PPG 8247
ICI 3276
sebringwhitespit.jpg (6675 bytes)
car owned by Mark Saunders
(NAF) Leyland

(other possible codes for 1979-80)
PPG 90106 leylandwhite_spit.jpg (7901 bytes)
car owned by Paul Tegler
- - Spa White PPG 8335
ICI 3436
spawhitetr4.jpg (5173 bytes)
car owned by Mike Smith
Pearl White PPG 8204 I need a pic
submit it here

    *some of these 3 letter codes may be stamped on the VIN (car number) plates.
 Some colors have more than one shade, hence the multiple numbers from some paint mfg'ers.

   The ICI codes were provided by Bob Coe of Nexa AutoColour (Formerly ICI AutoColour of Canada), as supplied by ICI in Great Britain. They are the original colors used by British Leyland on the Triumph line of sports cars. See the VSCCC Site for a full list

You can also find color code information plus other paint information on a relatively new site , as well as an older, more refined one. PPG codes courtesy Kent Paints. Again, one more detailed soucre listing is that of Joe Curry's list on Baddog racing's site.

My best advise ...I'd reference ALL these sites before I'd blindly mix any paint with these codes. Proceed at your own risk.

Interior trim color
Trim color before
March 1977
March 1977
Black 11 PAA
Matador red 12 -
New tan 33 -
Chestnut 63 -
Beige 74 AAA
Shadow blue 27 -
Grey 78 -
Black & white
Houndstooth cloth seat insert
(small pattern)
Beige & white
Houndstooth cloth seat insert
(larger pattern)
- C74

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