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The 1980's  Engine 

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     What an ugly mess. Not in bad shape just ugly. The Stromberg carb. was so gunked up from sitting around, that upon lifting the piston...it stuck open. You could look through the throat of the Stromberg and see the crap and slim of old gas all over the needle.

      Attached to the back of the engine is a very good condition Overdrive transmission. I've already gone over the wiring on the O/D switches. I haven't been able to test drive her, but you can tell the solenoid is clicking.

     My P.O's brother (who's house this was stored at) owned a radiator repair shop. As a present to his brother, (my P.O.), he re-cored the radiator, and flushed the cooling system as a birthday present.

      The stock exhaust manifold with it's catalytic converter downpipe is still in VERY good shape. To speed up getting this ol' girl fired up, I made use of a Weber DGV downdraft 2 barrel carb. and manifold. The stock exhaust manifold had two little 'ears' on it that were designed to bolt the stock heat shield and the two manifolds together. These little flanges interfered with the fit of the DGV manifold. It was actually quite easy to grind them down with a hand drill and stone (soft metal). I only had to remove about a 3/16" from the edge of each ear to clear the manifold for a proper fit. I assume with an aftermarket header this wouldn't have been a problem. After only 10 seconds of cranking (I guess the float bowl had to fill up first) she fired right up and ran very smoothly.


    bs_weber.jpg (4812 bytes)       rs_engine4.jpg (4024 bytes)

    A Pertronix Electronic ignition module and newer ignition coil were installed, and she fired right up after having sat for nearly 5-8 years.

    After her first (though rather short) test drive, I went ahead and stripped, cleaned, and re-installed the original Stromberg carb. Even the water choke now works perfectly.

    I went ahead and did a valve adjustment (just so I'd know where they were.), and she runs beautifully. Even first thing in the morning she'll fire up with just a quick blip of the key.

bs_engine3.jpg (34152 bytes)


The Exterior     The Engine      The Interior