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      British Car Forum

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Other TR Links
International Triumph Spitfire Database
Car Pictures .com -- Gallery of car pictures
British Masters Logo
1980 Triumph Spitfire Survey Comments
Triumph Bulletin Board
Car Transporting-Shipping Company Directory
Triumph Spitfire Information Site
Yahoo! Clubs
Thoroughbred & Classic Cars
Amtrak Express Weights and Measures
Racetorations Homepage
A Jaguar parts and Restoration business with a 25 year track record
Automotive Specific Search Resources
Triumph Shoppers - We'll look t them for you
The Vintage Triumph Register [Anonymized-proxy8]

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The Triumph TR6 Web
Fuel Injection, Total Advance Corporation
TSSC GT6 Buyers' Guide
photos of other Spit6's
Spitfire 6
BAD DOG Racing and The Spitfire Garage
GT6-Spitfire conversion
Steve's Triumph GT6 site
Triumph 2000 Tuning
Barry's V6 GT6
Engine Interchangeability
Nugents Spitfire 6 Projects
Triumph GT6 DATABASE Teglerizer
Triumph 2000-2500-2.5 Home Page

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Classic Cars
Grassroots Motorsports magazine online
Robert Bentley Publishers Home Page

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Dave Chu's automobile related page.
Automotive Services (CAR-STUFF)
Triumph Spitfire Resource Site
British Car Links
Teglerizer's Triumph framed links page
Triumph Links
Chris’ Cool Garage Links Page
Triumph framed links page
Relevant Site Links

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GT6-Spitfire conversion
Dave Chu's automobile related page.
Steve's Triumph GT6 site
The Standard-Triumph Pages
The Triumph Home Page
Triumph 2000-2500-2.5 Home Page
International Triumph Spitfire Database
Triumph Spitfire
Eric's home page
Ragtops & Roadsters - British and Specialty Automobile Restoration
Sputter the Spitfire
The Spitfire Garage
Clark's 1974 Triumph Spitfire
The Vintage Triumph Register
Triumph Spitfire - Patrick Barber
Triumph World - CHPublications
Gerard's Spitfire Page - Other Spitfire 1500s
Welcome to the Triumph Spitfire HomePage
Triumph Spitfire (62-81)
Gerard's Spitfire Page
Mike's Home Page
Andrew's Home Page (valences)
The Triumph Home Page
Anfy Lake - realtime lake reflection!
Triumph Web
The Works Spitfire

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The Totally Triumph Auction

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Anglian Triumph
Team Triumph
The Motorhead Homepage
Mount Joy Auto Parts Hyattsville MD
British Sportscar Center
British American Motors LTD
British Sports Car Restorations Murrysville PA
AC Ace replicas by C-F Enterprises--Long Beach, California
A-1 Electric & Speedometer - Electric Life
Caswell Electroplating, kits

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Spit Bits
British Car Specialists -n canada
British Parts Northwest
British Racing Green new and used parts for your British car
Car parts online now Buy Unipart Parts Direct Info
Triumph's Only, Inc.
Austin Healey, MG, Spitfire, Midget, Triumph, and other British sportscar parts!
British Sports Car Restorations
-- Heuten Autoersatzteile GmbH - Triumph Spitfire - GT6 spare parts page--
Triumph Parts-Doug's Parts
Obsolete Auto Parts
Sports Car Supplies -UK
The Little British Car Company
Britsh Masters
British Parts Connection
Past Parts - Home Page!
used british parts
British Auto Center, LTD - Home Site
Midtown Auto Parts
British Car Service - Home
Matthew's Foriegn Car Parts

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British Car Keys - Pete Groh
Link Automotive CitySearch
Solar Stat
Wind Baffle
Westwind Badges, New Zealand
GB Instruments, exclusive distributer for CAI Caerbont Automotive Instruments

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KYB Shocks
Classic Tube-PreBent and Custom Stainless and OE Brake Lines and more...
Wilwood Engineering - High Performance Disc Brakes
Flex -A- Form Fiberglass Springs for autos cars trucks race cars kit cars utility vehicles and custom design after market sprin
Speed Bleeder

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Arrow Auto Transport
Alumaloy home
Allen Auto Transport (800)722-2267
Hydra-Lift Industries Ltd.
Caswell Plating Systems
Century Welding Products
Hirsch Product 1
CAE Grease Monkey - Ultasonic part cleaner
RestoMotive Laboratories - POR-15 Inc.
Skyway Tools
Welcome to TechPlate, Inc. Tooling, molds and firearms are our specialty.
Reliable Plating Corporation 312-421-4747

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Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation
High Performance Coatings
High Preformance Engine Coatings
K&N Air-Fuel Ratio Monitors
K&N Engineering, Inc
Kent Cams
Midel Pty Ltd For all your SU requirements
Mocal Oil Coolers and Oil Thermostats
Optima Batteries Inc.
Pierce Manifolds (Weber carbs)
ConversionComp Gearbox conversions
Webcon UK Ltd Internet Site
Weber Carburetors
Force EFI-Cyberdyne Digital Gauges
Stahl Headers - Manufacturing racing exhaust headers and camshafts
Catalytic Converters
Janspeed Main Page
Oil Manufacturers
Pacesetter Exhaust Systems
Gauge style AF meter
Waterloo Drivetrains

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AutoLoc Online
AutoLoc & Stellar Products page
G-TECH-Pro measures Horsepower, Acceleration Times, Braking and Cornering at a touch of a button...
Power Window Systems by Electric Life
Painless Wiring Catalog
A-1 Electric & Speedometer - Electric Life
Sylvester 12V Automotive Electronics

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Performance Fiberglass
Tower Paint & Decorating Web Site
Metro Molded Rubber Parts
Smooth Line High Performance Composites Spitfire Mk IV Hardtop

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American Trim & Upholstery Supply - foam cushions & upholstery supplies
Mike Satur Interiors
Hollandia - Sunroof Product Lines
Madera Concepts - Wood Automotive Interiors convertible tops
Mr. Mikes Leather Upholstery Kits for Fieros, Camaros and Kit-Cars
Newton Commercial fine interior trim for British Classic Cars
triumtop Convertible Tops for Triumph from Robbins
Webasto Sunroofs Inc.
Spradling Originals - Trim
Keyston Bros. - Automotive & Upholstery Fabrics, Supplies, and Riding Goods
Dashboard Replacements for Most Cars!
Preformed Automotive Molded Carpet Kits
World Upholstery, Carpet, tops & seats for collectable cars.

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The Tire Rack - Your performance experts for tires and wheels
Minilite Racing Wheels - Performance Wheels
Shock Absorbers,
SPAX - Only SPAX will do!
StonGard, Inc.
Superlite Wheels
Wheels - motorSport Specialties Inc
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. - Car and Light Truck - Tire Selector
Road Wheels
Revolution Wheels
Roadsters - Racing Wheels and Tires
Yokohama Tire, Inc.
British Wire Wheel - Worlds Largest Wire Wheel Specialist

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Little Britsh Car Company
John Kipping Triumph Spares

Rimmer Brothers - Spitfire Index
Spit Bits catalog on line Spitfire MKIV-1500
Moss International Home Page
The Roadster Factory
Moss Motors USA
TSSC Offers
Sports Car Supplies Online Catalog - UK
Car parts online now Buy Unipart Parts Direct
MG Monthly April Specials -Mini Mania
Moss Hard Parts British Accessories Catalog On-Line
Moss Motors MG Triumph Austin-Healey Jaguar Miata
The Proper MG Home Page
British Spares West
Victoria British
Quiller index
Sports Car Supplies
Scorpion Performance Components

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KONI Shock Absorbers - North America
Force EFI-Cyberdyne Digital Gauges
Help Smog Parts, Emissions Parts Supplier
K&N Air-Fuel Ratio Monitors
Auto Meter Products
Longacre Switch Panels
British Classic Sports Cars - Classic car parts and spares.
Kent Cams
Performance Fiberglass
SPAX - Only SPAX will do!
Team Triumph
VDO gauges for sale
Weber Carburetors
ZyWeb Competition Template
MOMO Home Page
Pacesetter Exhaust Systems
Koni Shocks
Elgin Cams Homepage
Top End Performance Home Page
British Automotive - Home Page
Discount Motor Sports in New York
Jacobs Electronics Computer Electronics Technology
Janspeed Main Page
TWM Induction Inc
Advanced Performance Technology
Welcome to Strano Performance Parts
The Home Dyno
Simple Digital Systems EM-3
Roadsters - Racing Wheels and Tires
Jigsaw Racing Services
CB Performance Products - FI and turbo systems
Wilwood Engineering - High Performance Disc Brakes
Speed Bleeder
Scorpion Performance Components

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The Little British Car Company - Car parts, auto parts, truck parts, auto accessories, high performance parts
British Auto Specialists - Ft. Worth

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The Triumph Maintenance Handbook
Triumph Spitfire Information Exchange
Stuffing a V8 in a British Sports Car
GT6-Spitfire conversion
The spark plug story
Auto Body Store - Spitfire Archive Search - Triumph Archive Search
So what makes that car so fast
Tire Size Comparison Calculator
British Leyland Technical Service Bulletins - Triumphs Only, Inc.
AlfaClubhouse - Tech Stuff
Triumph Spitfire Reference Pages
General Dimensions, Weights and Capacities of the Triumph Spitfire
Mk3 Spitfire Specifications,
Did you get your AutoSite Report

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Steve's Triumph GT6 site - Rust Proofing
Steve's Triumph GT6 site - Paint and trim
Auto Body Store
Tower Paint & Decorating Web Site
Triumph Spitfire Colour Chart
Select Your Own Car Colour
Technical Data for dates gas Springs (Bonnet mods)
Technical Data for dates gas Springs (boonet mods)

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Radiator Air Deflectors
Engine Side Valances
Technical Documents - Spitfire Schematics
Tire Size Comparison Calculator
XR700 Installation
Spitfire Bosch Alternator Conversion Page
DCOE tuning I
The Spitfire Project
40 DCOE Carburetor
Cambridge Motorsport
TR6 Procedures (How-To)
Spitfire Tips
Weber Datapage
Weber OEM Jetting Table
Dave Bean Engineering, Inc. The Official Vintage Lotus Car Parts Distributor
Triumph Spitfire Torque Specs
Tire and Wheel Upgrade Calculator
Scott's, Tire Size Program
Trunnion Oiling
The Tyre (Tire) and Wheel Bible
Triumph list members download page
GT6 Shock Mount Brackets
Chris’ Cool Garage Links Page
Truing Wire Wheels
Triumph Recalls and Triumph Repairs Information

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Rennsport Corbeau seat Dimensions

tech enginetop of page

Engine Side Valances
The Triumph TR6 Engine Guidelines
TR6 Engine Performance Mods
Radiator Air Deflectors
Adjusting Your Carburetors
Lucas Petrol Injection
Triumph Spitfire (Setting the Ignition Timing)
DIY Cylinder Head Porting Guide
The Hitachi-SU Tech Pages
Reading Spark Plugs
Installing Thrust Washers in a 1500
Engine Interchangeability
5-speed conversion transmissions from New Zealand
Dave Childs Spitfire-GT6
Tuning SU Carburetors
Ray Hall Turbocharging - Java compression ratio calculator
Engine Weight FYI
Petrol Injection Conversion
Spitfire Alternator Conversion Page

tech electricaltop of page

Technical Documents - Spitfire Schematics
Wiring Fog and-or Driving lights to your TR6 (Images)
Fuse System for the 1975 Triumph Spitfire 1500
Upgrading Your Lighting System
Spitfire Alternator Conversion Page

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Oversteer Understeer Explained
The wieght of Tires by size
Wheel Weights Table

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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association General Press Releases
The Triumph Spitfire Resource Site.
The Classic Preservation Coalition

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CARS - Triumph Listings
My GT6+ at Excite Vehicles Classifieds

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The Vintage Triumph Register
Club Triumph
Capital TRIUMPH Register homepage.
Richmond Triumph Register - Home Page
TSSC Front Page
Rally Central - The Road Rally Resource Page
The Tyee Triumph Club Home Page
Vintage Triumphs of Wisconsin
Desert Centre - Triumph Register of America
Triumph Club of the Carolinas
Hill Country Triumph Club
Illinois Sports Owners Association
New England Triumphs
Southern California Triumph Owners Association
Green Country Triumphs
Okanagan British Car Club
Indiana Triumph Cars
Wolf River Triumph Club
KC Triumphs
The Capital Triumph Register
Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club
Rocky Mountain Triumph Club
Gold Coast Triumph Club
Triumph Club of North Florida
Delaware Valley Triumphs, LTD
Richmond Triumph Register
Tidewater Triumph Register
New Jersey Triumph Association
The Triumph Sports Owners Association in Australia
Portland (Oregon) Triumph Sports Car Owners Association (PTOA), devoted to all models of Triumph cars.
Welcome to British Motorcars of New England
Spitfire Site...By Francois Dermont
Central Pennsylvania Triumph Club Home Page
First VTR 2000 Photos
Ottawa Valley Triumph Club

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Susquehanna MotorSports Welcome
Vintage Auto Racing Association
Jon Wolfe's main page
Racing Spitfires from America
Spitfire Racing from America
Jari's Spitfire Historic Race Site.
Spitfire Specials
The Works Spitfire restoration Project
Turbo Charge your MG Midget
Jon Wolfe Racing,
The Fat Chance Garage & Brewery
Team Triumph
Jigsaw Racing Services
Cambridge Motorsports
Scorpion Performance Components