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The Magical Mystical Weber DCOE

Tuning and
Do I Run a
Single 45
or Dual 40's?
Tuning and 
Service PDF

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and jettings
Twin DCOE's
The Fuel
Flow Path
Excellent Article
by Mickey Luaria


Rasors Fuel
Flow Pathes

The Jetting


An email from
a Racer

     The Flow Paths of the Fuel

dcoe_flow1.jpg (26843 bytes)

If idle jet size is correct, the idle mixture screw (19) will be 1.5 to 2.5 turns out from full closed.

Progression ports,

         Pump Jet,   idle, and Main Jet
The idle stop screw should have the throttle plate (17)
sitting just at the edge of the first 'progression hole.
Just off idle and full speed cruising  

... text description to come.....


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