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        Building a Custom Triumph GT6 Injection Manifold

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 Building a custom GT6 F.I. manifold

The other half of the story

Special Update Whitey finally gets it's 6 cylinder engine,
          Fuel injected at that!  

Section #2 - Whitey's Spit6 conversion Process         F.I. Home Page


     Well it's finally DONE!  The only thing I still need is 6 little injector click that lock the injectors into the fuel rail.  


 I cut the injector cups off a BMW fuel rail, drilled a hole large enough to recess them into a steel tube, and silver/nickel  brazed them in. I like the idea of the little lip that hold a clip to lock them into the rail. These are brand new 14lb injectors.

     The ends of the fuel rails are brass bits, right off the shlef at Home Depot. silver nickel brazed into place, than ground to match the pipe o.d. Hose barbs were then threads in.


     I welded a flat bar to the side of the rail to act as a stiffener, as well as a mount to hold the rail in place. I welded angled uprights to the tops of four of the runner tubes, and mounted a plate across the tops of them to bolt the fuel rail to.



     One of the angled uprights can be seen at the upper right of the above photo. The center of this shot shows the throttle cable stop plate, that doubles as a solid mount for the PCV valve mounted in the top of the plenum log.  The PVC valve grommet is four a 1" hole, but I've crammed it into a .8" hole. The center .5" hole now compressed down to about .3" fits VERY tightly around the bottom .5" diameter hose barb of the PCV valve. The solid mount is just to make sure the valve doesn't vibrate, wear out the grommet, and create a vacuum leak. The valve stem and grommet got a coat of high temperature silicone as well just to add a bit of insurance to a good seal.

     The oblong rod end, keeps the throttle rod from rotating. I'm using a totally stock GT6 throttle cable here. The half circle 'ears' on the throttle rod, are actually a big ass washer cut in half.  Look carefully at the washer nearest the plenum, as well as the reflection. You can see I slotted the washer just like the stock linkage is setup, to allow me to install the cable end like stock.

     ....update 3/12/06....

I finally got the engine all cleaned up and the manifold mounted..

   In this last picture, it's easy to see the modified Spitfire front engine plate with the 'doubled' mounts, that accept the two bolt GT6 motor mounts.

See how the manifold was constructed


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