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Megasquirt -
      The Quintessential D-I-Y Fuel Injection ECU

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The other half of the story

Special Update Whitey finally gets it's 6 cylinder engine,
          Fuel injected at that!  

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 Building a twin TB MGB manifold The other half of the story 
    There are a lot of off-the-shelf fuel injection controllers on the market these days. So why would I want to build my own?  COST!  Plain and simple.  Why spend $900-$2500 for a controller, and still need to add a bunch of stuff, when you can get an open architecture, highly re-programmable, super flexible controller , for around $180!

    Granted, the Megasquirt requires a bit of study, and a lot of reading to get going as desired, but the flexibility is utterly mind boggling! The system code I'm running is MSnS-E, which stands for Megasquirt and Spark-Extra.  This is quite literally, a second source programming version that has taken the already super flexible system and added even MORE features.

A list of the features that you can control with this ECU and the 'Extra' firmware, is as follows....

Features Follow links for more info

12x12 fuel tables
12x12 spark tables

DualTable code
Roger Enns' injector staging code
Rev limiter
Overboost protection
Mappable Air:Fuel Ratio target for use with wideband O2
Coolant temp timing advance
Inlet temp timing retard

MAPdot accel/decel enrichment
Anti-rev / Traction Control feature
Over-run fuel cut
Afterstart Enrichments

Cranking /Priming settings

Hybrid Alpha-N
Air Density Correction

All ignition options require some mechanical or electrical work
Ignition control options:
. No ignition (fuel only)
. Distributor for even-fire 2 stroke 1,2,3,4 cyl and
even-fire 4 stroke 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12,16 cyl
. Ford EDIS
. Dual Ford EDIS (e.g. 2 EDIS4 modules on a V8) TEST
. Dodge Neon crank decoder
. Ford TFI
. GM 7 pin HEI
. Toothed wheel decoder
. Dual wheel decoder/2nd trigger
. Buick C3I
. Oddfire wheel decoder ALPHA TEST
Hardware changes needed for:
Switchable tables
Boost control TEST
Water injection control
Dual EGO sensor support
Shift Lights
Launch Control/Flat shift
Realtime Barometric Correction

Outputs 1, 2, 3 and 4
Knock sensor input
PWM idle for use with variable valves TEST
Nitrous control (min rpm, new timing map or fixed retard)
EGT logging
Tacho Output Pin
Mass Air Flow Meter use a MAF for fueling calculations

as of 8/2006 my current configuration is as follows:
Megasquirt version: MS-I v.3
Megatune Program version: 2.25
MSQ Version: 029Q2
: Olds Cienna triple coil wasted spark assembly
(electrically rewired)
Crank trigger: Ford 36-1 trigger wheel and sensor 
: 14lb. x6,  port injected  p/n-
E59E-A2B 195500-0733
Manifold: Custom built, 6061 aluminum, port injected, single throttle body
Throttle Body:
Ford 50mm (recently downsized from a 60mm Mustang unit)
IAC: Ford Mustang - F73E-9F715AA
Fuel Pump: Walpro GL395  15mL
(downsized from an MSD 255)

My 'Success Story' is on the MSEFI.COM at 




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