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Lil' Greenee - 1973 RWA MG Midget

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MG Midget Suspension rebuild

The Front End

The left column is the drivers side, the right, the passenger side of the vehicle.

susp_lf_1.jpg (17891 bytes) susp_rf_1.jpg (15069 bytes)

      As you can see, lots of rust, cob webs, frozen bolts, etc. What a pain in the A** those inner a-arm pivot bolts were to get out. Mine were frozen solid and didn't want to budge. I'd tell you how I removed them simply... but some idiot will do it that way and blame me for his screw ups. E-mail me and I may tell you a very simple way to get them apart.

susp_lf_2.jpg (14305 bytes) susp_rf_2.jpg (13219 bytes)
      All the suspension components were stripped out. The brake calipers were left in because I didn't feel like bleeding the brakes AGAIN! I wore out two wire wheels cleaning up all the gunk in the front wheel wells. Then I rust-inhibiting primered all the sheet metal work. The black in the above photos is rubberized undercoating put on after the primer coat. The calipers are hanging from the shock arms by small bungy cords to minimize damage to the brake hoses.

     You'll also notice my 'jack stands'. In these photos you can see three of the six (one stack) stacked pieces of 4"x6", 9" long pressure treated blocks I use. The 6"x9" base is very stable. You'll also notice a small hydralic jack still under there as a back up. Hey... better save than sorry.

susp_lf_3.jpg (15162 bytes) susp_rf_3.jpg (13603 bytes)
      While the rubberized undercoating was drying I painted the calipers gold using 500°C engine paint. Then the all the sheet metal work got a green coat on top of the rubberized undercoating. ( If you look closely, you'll notice masking tape on the brake plumbing and over the shoes.) While waiting for the undercoating to dry, the suspension components were attacked with a drill and wire wheels, degreaser, paint stripper, and some more knuckle skin. I'll need to revisit this area after I order new tie-rod ends and gaiters for the sterring rack.
susp_rf_parts.jpg (15667 bytes) susp_rf_done.jpg (14454 bytes)
     After de-rusting, cleaning, painting, and re-greasing all the suspension components, almost everything went back in with new nuts and bolts. The photo above left, show the new red polyurethane bushings (in a pile). You can also see them 'as installed, in the photo on the right, at the top trunnion mount. I used large shoulder washers to back them up on the bolt. You'll also notice the Goodridge Braided Stainless Steel brake lines installed between the bulkhead and the caliper. New gaiter boots, tie rod ends, bearings, seals,....  yep...yep... we're all done here!

susp_lf_4.jpg (16109 bytes)
(The braided metal brakes lines were installed after these
photos were taken)

susp_rf_4.jpg (15231 bytes)
(The braided metal brakes lines were installed after these
photos were taken)
     Compare these two photos to the first two. Man...what a difference. In the photo to the left you can see the 1/2" lowering kit (silver spacers) mounted between the lower a-arm and the bottom spring mount plate. Just because of that big rubber bump stop in the middle of the spring, I had to pull the drivers side all apart again, because I had forgotten to put it in before mounting up everything.          oh well ...live and learn.....

The Rear End

...more to come...    come back soon!

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