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   Custom HS4 and HS6 manifolds for a GT6

   Big Red - 1973 GT6 MKIII Specific Tasks and Procedures

  Exterior     New Sheet Metal     The Paint     That 'Show' paint     Third Brake Light 


 Carb rebuild   Battery shelf    Lucas/Delco Alternator Swap    Crankcase Ventilation    
Ballast bypass Pertronix ZS/HS4/HS6 carb comparison  Hidden Oddity #17 
Transmission  Building a D type O/D harness    3 rail rebuild    Clutch     Trooper Starter     Pressure Relief Valve  

    preliminary photos...waiting for the full write up.... 5/14/2005

manifoldscompared.jpg (27781 bytes)
Modified (top) vs stock (bottom) GT6 manifold port sizes.
Ports opened up from 1.5" to 1.75" and studs re-positioned.

hs6linkage1.jpg (32124 bytes) 
HS6 linkage...lowered to clear choke crossbar
fuel, float breather vent, and emissions plumbing at bottom
of carbs to clean up appearance from above.

hs6linkage2.jpg (31800 bytes)
Ball bearing dashpots and 'lowered' center linkage

hs6linkagebottom.jpg (34017 bytes)
custom steel supply and breather lines  waxstat jets with
wax pellets removed. (so they're fixed)

hs4linkage3.jpg (32491 bytes)
Orig ZS style cable linkage assy. in standard position
but now hooked up to the HS4's

HS4 with orig ZS center linkage in 'stock' position

hs6nospacers1.jpg (30854 bytes)
HS6 setup...phenolic heat spacers and custom plumbing

hs6plumbing2.jpg (32548 bytes)
left to right across the bottom...
(angled tube = fuel feed
left most hose = float chamber breather
right most hose = emissions breather

hs4emissions.jpg (29256 bytes)
HS4 all hooked up with all the original emsiions
to the carbon canister (to my highly modified
crankcase breather system


airfilterbackplate.jpg (40227 bytes)

threesnorkelsairbox.jpg (35752 bytes)
One of a kind three snorkel breather box, currently installed
setup for the HS4s

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