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Technical Items:


SU Carburetors                                       

     The following links should help in setting up any SU carburetor installation. Some of these pages are written for vehicles other than LBC's, but all are applicable to any SU carb installation.  Clicking on any of the links below will open another window with that document loaded, making it easy to return to this index.  Enjoy!


Technical pages on line


SU carburetors got you down?  Does it seem like everyone you ask for help says, "Those carbs are junk."  If that's you, read on:

One of the most complete descriptions of the SU carb available on the internet.
Tech Tip #6

Such an excellent page I was afraid it might disappear, so it's copied here. This is complete with diagrams, and troubleshooting charts. Although written for a Datsun, it still applies to any SU carburetor installation.

The Vintage Triumph Regisrty

Adjusting Your Carburetors
Extracted from earlier articles by
Scott Fisher, Roger Garnett, Ken Streeter,
and other contributors.

su_front_page_graphic.gif (3874 bytes)

The Hitachi SU Carb Page
Requires Acrobat Reader for PDF files. Excellent SU tech info
and a detailed online page of info and tuning

The MG Owners Club

From the Tech archives of the
MG Owners Club
Basic Service Guide Part 4 SU Carbs

cpcnew1.gif (6928 bytes)

Century Performance
Air Flow Conversion Chart

Roger Garnett
Revised 5 Dec 91

Roger's original SU tech article

Chicagoland MG Car Club

Chicago MG Car Club Tech site on SU carbs

Autox.team.net tech archives

Autox.Team.Net Archives
Tech info. Written for the Morgan, but still applicable to any SU carb

Software for Needle Selection

su.gif (4578 bytes)

Teglerizer's own searchable database for selecting and comparing SU needles. 0.090" and 0.100" needle databases are now on line. 0.125" coming soon (hopefully)

And here's the latest Javascript based
sortable 0.090" table.
It will say the script
is taking too long to execute, but go ahead and let it run. It will sort the table by station.

Other software for finding tapers

1.  We can't forget the original DOS based SUNeedle.exe program for profile selection. 2.  Scott Beavis has written a very nice Windows version of this old classic.
3.  W. Konrad Crist, most recent revision of his MS Excel spreadsheet that will plot the tapers as well, compare 3 or more needles at a time, and graphically plot them in comparison. Both windows and Mac version are available.
4. < New >An Excellent   5 needle comparion charting program by  James Carruthers. This one is PHP webpage based.
Links to Rebuilders, new, and everything 'parts' related
ZTherapy SU rebuilder. Source of DIY videos, plating,
rebuilding, everything SU related
SU Midel Parts and supplies, great prices. Definitely  take advantage of the currency AUD$/USD$  conversion rates. The original buyer of all of Skinner Unions old stock before the discontinued production. (30,000+ pairs)

Burlen Fuel
Systems Ltd

These people took over where the original Skinner Union (SU) left off.

Andrew Turner

SU, Zenith, and Solex Specialists. Conversion info as well

Joe Curto Inc.

World Renowned SU carb rebuilder and parts supply 718-762-SUSU  (7878)
Advance Performance Parts APTfast.com and there pages of
SU carb parts available on line.
Rising Sun Racing Tech article on SU carbs

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