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Whitey's 6 cylinder remote oil filter!

   Whitey - A 1975 Spitfire 6 Cylinder and Fuel Injected Conversion

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    The stock oil filter of the GT6 engine justwas not going to cut it if I moved the engine back like I wanted. It would have ended up right where the gas peddle needs to be.  Hmmmm...how am I going to get around this one?  The common 90 dgree angle filter adapter sticks out further than the stock canister, so that won't work. crap.....

    Well I used a program called emachineshop (neat cad program..easy to learn) to design a take off plate so I could relocate the filter. The model I worked up was nice and clean. But i nthe end, cost morethan those 90 degree adapters. So... I simply ran my 90 degree adapter through the band saw, and cut off evertyhing past the base plate. I welded a plate over it, and simply used it to completely seal off the origina loil filter location. 

    I removed the aluminum gallery plug right above the oil filter and installed a hydraulic hose adapter. I also tapped right into the gallery at the pressure pump side via the hex head bolt in line under the distributor.  Both of these hoses were custom made by going to a local hydraulics house, with the plugs in hand (to match the threads) and letting the counter guy find what I needed. The total cost of the hoses and the high end (read as high quality/high pressure/high $$) adapters only came to around $70.00 So with an EBay supplied remote filter adapter, and eating the coast of the 90 degree adapter to seal of the original port, came to about $150.



    The original oil pressure switch was 'T'ed to connect the oil pressure gauge as well as the oil pressure idiot light. The extra two terminals of pressure switch, normally used for the anti run-on solenoid, was wired into the fuel injection ECU and acts as a secondary switch to shut of the electric fuel pump in case of a roll over or accident.


   I built up a mount tower to hold the remote header tank, as well as the remote oil filter. This assembly was bolted right up to the now unused original engine mount locations on the side of the block. The oil hoses wrap around from underneath and up to the front of the filter. This gives me easy access/clearance to remove/replace the filter without the hoses getting in the way.



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