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The new toy
is Alive and kicking!

Special Update 3/2006 
Whitey finally gets it's 6 cylinder engine, &  Fuel injected at that!

 Many technical projects documented here, are attached to the various cars I've restored myself over the years. So you'll need to breeze through My own Spitfires and GT6's  for all the links, details, pictures and stories.

  (rare 'foursomes', 'fivesomes'...all the toys, all home at the same time)           
The Wedding cake 2/2004

Resources +

Spitfire 1500
another GT6

Cam specs
available for
the Spitfire.

Head specs
and valve sizes

The late MKIII GT6 self adjusting rear brakes

heat ranges

Lucas Distributor
and calibration
information and now
Delco Remy specs 
as well

Suspension Spring specs

Brake Master and
Slave cylinder specs

Serial number sequences by year along with  prefix/suffix codes by model year.  Now with a special section supplied by John Kipping himself!

A few
technical articles

Buried on one
of my other
sites a is the
beginnings of a
collection of the
e-mail listserv
list logos, and
information on
how to join.

Tire size
tire photos

Triumph Related Links

spit_links1.gif (8657 bytes)
extensive index to 
100's and 100's

to part suppliers, aftermarket  performance products, other Spitfire owners web sites, tech archives and articles, clubs, and anything Triumph related.


Weber DCOE Tuning and performance information

Lucas/Delco Alternator Swap

Oh... those darn
thrust washers!

Installing s.s.
Windshield trim

Installing a J-type 3-rail Tranny
in a GT6


A working crankcase ventilation system to eliminate oil leaks

Installing Miata 
Seats in a Spit

Fuel Injection

SCCA plaques

ands cleaning them

My own
Spitfire 1500's
GT6's, and

Check out
the prices of
Triumphs and
Jags back
in 1972

(58k scanned
image of an
official price sheet)

Building an engine test stand

SpAward2.gif (1143 bytes)


The Spit6 / CGT6 Project

6 Cylinder Hybrid Spitfire Project
started April 2000

  So you think you know what you're doing huh? Well here's a listing of the variables you'll have to deal with as you try this conversion.

Color Codes with Photos

colorwheel1.jpg (2003 bytes)   Colors for the Triumph Spitfires (and now other models) complete with photographic examples of vehicles painted each of the colors for comparison.
(You may want to reference the MG page for full mfr. paint codes)

Crankcase Scavenging  and Ventilation

Crankcase scavenging and Ventaliation   Triumph's leak oil. But they don't have to!  Do you have too much blow-by? Here's possibly  an easy correction for you.

SU Needle Chart Database

su.gif (4578 bytes)

  Searching for the right needle for your SU carb? Here's a starting point to tracking down the right needle that might help get it running just right. And here is a page full of tech articles, parts suppliers and rebuild services.

The Weber DCOE Project

    My initial research, trying to find the proper Weber DCOE jets for a Spitfire 1500. (now expanded to cover other LBC's as well.)

A procedure for
Tweaking Dual DCOE's
Photos of various
DCOE installations
complete with the
owner's jetting info.

Weber DCOE 45 Carb

Weber DGV Carb

And of course, there is
no way I could ignore the
Weber DGV series

                               Fuel Injection   


Fuel Injecting
a Triumph Spitfire

This is a brand new
project as of 3/2002
Stay tuned for updates

Tire Selection Chart  

This extensive work by
Terry Thompson is now available
here!  last update 2/27/00

Vehicle Registries

Teglerizer proudly hosts the
International GT6 Registry
If you own a GT6, please help us track  them by adding
your info to
 The International Triumph GT6 Registry

and now for the extremists out there..
Spit6/CGT6 Hybrid Project Registry

The 6 cylinder Spitfire / convertible GT6
Hybrid Projects Registry

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