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   Whitey's Stainless Steel         
Flex Brake lines         
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   Whitey - 1975 Spitfire Specific Tasks and Procedures

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Special Update Whitey finally gets it's 6 cylinder engine, Fuel injected at that!
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      Well you can go out and buy the generic Goodrich brake lines that all the big catalog companies sell for top dollar, (I'm not knocking Goodrich, I have them on some of my other cars) or you can pay reasonable prices and buy what I believe is even better quality for the same $$$.
        Personally, I prefer to shell out the little extra $$$ and acquire the best quality I can find. So... I bought real Flotec lines. These have heavier Teflon tubing and nicer, heavier couplings.

75w_braidedrawhose.jpg (14394 bytes)
One front line...with added cover and two rear lines


      I removed the flexible plastic spiral covers from the original lines and placed them on the stainless steel lines. Why?  Why not! A little extra protection can't hurt right! 
      What I really like about these lines are the couplings. They're much heavier than the Goodrich lines. These hoses are slightly thicker/heavier and the couplings are a nut/bolt lock down rather than a pressure swage crimp. This allows the hoses to flex closer to the couplings, and they don't need those 'protective' guides that are swaged onto the Goodrich hoses.

75w_braidedbrakelinecover.jpg (13724 bytes)
New braided line installed with extra cover
75w_braidedbrakelinecover2.jpg (10060 bytes)


75w_braidedbrakerear1.jpg (14678 bytes)
left rear line with coil cover
looped over the bracket


75w_braidedbrakerear2.jpg (10507 bytes)
The rear line has just enough free play as to not be stretched at maximum axle travel, yet short enough to not get in the way.
      I covered the rear lines the same way (with the old spiral covers).  Just to keep the covers in place, I wrapped the last spiral over the brackets. This will keep them extended and in place as they are relatively loose over the smaller than stock diameter braided lines.

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